Company pensions are seen as one of the best tactics

Company pensions are seen as one of the best tactics to save for retirement, and are almost four times more appealing than Isas. According to the at ease arrangement of pension Funds, almost half (44 per cent) of all employees think a agency grant is the best approach of curtailment for the future, and four foreign of 10 people see pensions as the inimitably important worker benefit.This is an amass from last year, when 35 per cent united that company pensions were the best gate to save. It is also more than two times the consist of of people who chose property as the best savings vehicle. The NAPF survey polled 984 individuals in September.Joanne Segars, NAPF chief executive, says sluggish assets growth and weak alter rates have helped raise pension awareness.But she explains that the uk is facing a disaster in curtailment now old age and only a third of people are confident their pension will be adequate to live on subsequent retirement.’The erosion of confidence impact pensions is a real concern. We need a simpler state pension that provides a solid foundation of basic retirement income, which lifts people knock off means-testing to be sure people keep what they save. That would imitate a major step ahead in restoring confidence in pensions,’ she says.From October 2012, the roll out of the National field Savings consider (Nest) means up to eight meg people will start curtailment into a pension owing to the first time. All employees incomes at least


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