Like alive with of our clients, we are constantly updating

Like alive with of our clients, we are constantly updating our Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

One of the many items of reading cloth we were looking through had the title of ‘Advisers swear by Vital Role As Persuaders’.

This was based on the results of a survey which asked both individual investors and advisers 5 questions about retirement planning fulfillment. Fidelity, an funding group, asked these 1 groups to rank 1-5 the factors below:

The survey aimed to identify how well laid back a usual investor is, and to stress how important an advisers job was to ensure that the message they want to conclude across does indeed communicate itself to individuals. The context for this was that there is a faction of talk about the coming ‘pension crisis’, and how vital it is that investors get the well-timed advice.

Priority / Advisers / Individuals

Amount kept over a tempo / 1 / 2

Date at which saving started / 2 / 4

Getting the right asset allocation / 3 / 5

Picking the right finances / 4 / 3

Finding the best pension haste / 5 / 1

If we with no trouble concentrate on the principal also last factors, we see that the priorities here are reversed. whilst individuals did understand that the amount saved being a lifetime, identified through advisers as the most important factor, was indeed important, they still rated ‘finding the best grant plan’ as number 1.

Now, we have written many articles on this subject, and are certain that no regular reader will have made this mistake! However, this survey has once again shown that the idea that know stuff is a ‘best pension plan’ out there is still monotonous with individual investors.

We do not have space to reiterate our investment process here, but the long and short of it is that, whilst the pension wrapper is important (as it is tax efficient), the investments within the pension are what really matters.

When we first looked at the consequences of this survey, it reminded us of a recent experience we had when a another client contacted us after arrangement our website via Google. He explained that he was concerned about the advice he had been given via his Independant Financial Adviser (IFA), and could we apportion our mindtrip on his position. when Graeme met him, live became clear that with utterly little demonstrate as to why, the IFA was advising the client to invest over


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