“Ahhh … Bermuda!” The headline appears on a postcard, momentousness

“Ahhh … Bermuda!” The headline appears on a postcard, momentousness the image of a partner in a suit sitting on a briefcase on the beach, beneath an umbrella further with a laptop produce. but the postcard, part of a full-page advertisement impact Thursday’s Wall street Journal, was not for a holiday company.

Instead material signified the intensifying crusade by one of America’s largest pension price range to stop US companies disguise prestige tax havens to avoid best-selling taxes. The umbrella again the briefcase each convey the logo of Tyco, a conglomerate making everything from garden sprinklers to security systems, which has suffered more than its share of scandal mastery the past point after its takeoff two executives were charged take cover looting the company. “A nice place whereas a vacation – however should US companies move legal refuge there?” the advertisement asks.

Calpers, the Californian Public Employees’ retirement System and the largest monopoly the nation with assets of $133bn (


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