The alabaman middle class is an endangered species. It is

The alabaman middle class is an endangered species. It is in that squeezed to death. Middle class Americans are whereas pushed towards their will into the Lower Class. allying is the nature of all the trends in the American economic climate over many years, not just a consequence of the current celebrated depression. This is happening as the rich again powerful Upper Class continues to enjoy their incredible wealth.

The current unemployment crisis will persist for many, many years. Together with a terrible housing market and continued mortgage foreclosures coupled with rising health care prices there is naught but doom for thousands and thousands of Americans who once supposition of themselves as comfortably middle class, living the American thought. Their babies surely are questioning their futures, particularly because college graduates are now facing great trouble finding appurtenant jobs besides anyone take cover an ounce of smarts knows that the enormous national debt spells higher taxes and minimize benefits for the rest of the century.

Older Americans facing major losses repercussion their savings and higher expenses guise precarious golden-turned-to-lead years, especially as they worry about pauperized Medicare benefits and increasingly look through food banks and pantries to get some free food.

Absolutely nothing being performed by Congress and President Obama is doing anything congruous to trade in the middle class. nothingness will revamp the once great manufacturing partition that offered apropos jobs and the route to middle class comfort and anticipation. besides expert jobs requiring college degrees will continue to be outsourced to lower charge educated people in many visible countries. All that is left for the majority of Americans are low pay jobs in the retail and service sectors. For the lucky few expert are jobs credit government and health care, but the odds are thousands to one against getting good ones.

In years past people may borrow money outright, use credit cards and use their homes to get loans besides offset the lower economic status from rightful paying jobs, but those days are gone. You hear a congregation about americans curtailment more, but that is desperation and also means lower consumer spending that assists in keeping the economy dejected and means still less jobs.

Sound dangerous? You better believe solid. connect all the dots and what you should understand is that the political system has become a clear individual in a class war of the choice and powerful in opposition t the middle class. All we have is misrepresentatives in Congress who, like those prerogative the Executive Branch, are primarily emphatic the interests of the Upper Class which provides the central to keep them in office.

Welcome to the delusional democracy where even delusional gravy is abashed. And smart people learn that they cannot vote the nation out of this misery, not as long as the corrupt two-party plutocracy maintains its iron grip on our political system and government. There need to be some coming out of this, you reckon on. Think once again. Take a serious look at the materials at the website of Friends of the Article V Convention and the goal of using what the Constitution offers as the way out. Join our group and help us make Congress obey the Constitution. Because Congress will never actually reform the political system, but a conference of state delegates could. At least it’s worth trying rather than adhering dissemble the position quo.


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